DUTAPES is a TSO command that displays information about all Tape devices defined in the IPLed system.  It may also be executed as a started task from the MVS operator's console. 

It is located in File #301 of the CBT overflow tape (was formerly located in file #352 of the main CBT tape) and is part of a collection of batch programs and TSO commands contributed by Ken True at INTEL, although from the comments at the top of this module, the original version may have been derived from a program created a United Air Lines. 


There are no changes required to assemble this command under MVS 3.8j as it exists on the CBT tape.  The added value of using the installation jobstream here is that the JCL has been provided that will install the command with minimal effort and the jobstream also includes a HELP text module that will be accessible from TSO and a set of JCL that will be installed in your PROCLIB to allow the command to be executed from the MVS operator's console.

The jobstream - dutapes$.jcl - is contained in the archive dutapes.tgz [MD5: 2FB3076A0F1D6EFAA37C6B161E3E4C1F].  Download the archive and extract the jobstream (WinZip on Windows/?? or tar on Linux).  Submit the jobstream to assemble and link the single load module for DUTAPES into SYS2.CMDLIB, copy the help text into SYS2.HELP, and copy the STC JCL into SYS2.PROCLIB.  If you don't have SYS2.CMDLIB defined, you will need to modify the jobstream to specify a different target load library.  Also if you do not have SYS2.HELP defined, you may modify the jobstream to place the help information into SYS1.HELP.  Finally, if you do not have SYS2.PROCLIB defined, you may modify the jobstream to place the procedure JCL into SYS1.PROCLIB.


Utilizing DUTAPES

DUTAPES requires no operands.  

From TSO:

From the Operator's Console:

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