Older Versions of CBT Archives


CBT Overflow #466 07/25/2004 MD5: b7b8520735a81b82d83e9c620d4ff4d6  85.5 mB cov466.tgz added December 2015 - 3380 volume 'COV466'
CBT Version #341 02/19/1993 MD5: 7c4bf7515b2e17b68c15df474ee937c5   49.9 mB cbt341.tgz added November 2014 - 3350 volume 'CBT341'
CBT Version #328 02/10/1992 MD5: b49e09f67765daec412e9807d7ef83bb   42.4 mB cbt328.tgz added January 2016 - 3350 volume 'CBT328'
CBT Version #278 10/23/1987 MD5: 0c2b0113511d6c573aa3eb7bbcb75568 30.2 mB cbt278.tgz added November 2014 - 3350 volume 'CBT278'
CBT Version #249 07/05/1985  MD5: 63c789e25d3bb416550a47c0ea3a7158  34.7 mB cbt249.tgz added November 2014 - 3350 volume 'CBT249'
CBT Version #226 02/12/1984 MD5: 98b3f875cebcc6bd4dc7dd2136c3b2ab   25.4 mB cbt226.tgz added November 2014 - 3350 volume 'CBT226'
CBT Version #188 01/31/1982 MD5: 167dcb7c487454b2be93fcc63784abba   16.1 mB cbt188.tgz added November 2014 - 3350 volume 'CBT188'
CBT Version #129 10/14/1979 MD5: 3df89ec8476e7b1671bdc02d65af717a     6.0 mB cbt129.tgz added November 2014 - 3350 volume 'CBT129'
CBT Version #103 09/10/1978 MD5: de491fa2ca7be46368d86600f6bd39ff       4.1 mB cbt103.tgz added November 2014 - 3350 volume 'CBT103'
CBT Version #072 09/14/1977 MD5: 098c31b38ad3095dcc18e20c6d37b7f8    2.4 mB cbt072.tgz added November 2014 - 3350 volume 'CBT072'



Download the archive for the volume using the link from the table above.  Each archive contains a DASD volume image and a jobstream.  Extract the volume into the directory holding your DASD images for Hercules, using your preferred program (WinZip, WinRar, UnZIP, tar).  Edit your Hercules' configuration file to add the DASD into your system at an available address for the type of DASD or use the 'attach' command on the Hercules console.  Each volume contains its own User Catalog into which all of the datasets have been catalogued.  The provided jobstream will import/connect the User Catalog to your Master Catalog and define an Alias to allow access to the individual datasets via the catalog.  Alternatively you can access them using RPF option 3.4 and specify the Volume Serial # to access the datasets without using the catalog.

If you intend to leave the DASD volume permanently mounted, it is suggested that you edit your VATLST to add an entry for the volumes added to direct MVS to place them into the category of PRIVATE at IPL time:

    CBT*  ,1,2,3350 ,N    PRIVATE-CBT VOLUMES/3350

The available space remaining on any particular volume varies, but the User Catalog is allocated only with the intention of holding the datasets currently existing.

The DASD images, as supplied, are uncompressed.  If you wish to compress them, use the Hercules' utility: dasdcopy -z <uncompressed image file> <compressed image file> to compress them after unpacking them from the archive.

SHARE Program Library Agency

Although not precisely connected with CBT material, I have also dropped the contents of the SPLA tapes (I believe created January 1, 1996) onto a 3390 volume and am providing it for download here.

SPLA tapes  MD5: 38bad10c18fcec0d6b778352a0948d55   127.3 mB spla00.tgz added November 2014 - 3390 volume 'SPLA00'

As with the CBT archives above, the SPLA archive contains a DASD volume image and a jobstream.  The SPLA00 DASD is a non-standard size 3390, as it required somewhat more space than was available on a 3390-1, but since Hercules has no difficulty accessing non-standard size DASD images, this will not be a problem.  The volume contains a User Catalog in which all 2,295 datasets have been catalogued and there is a jobstream included to import/connect the User Catalog into your Master Catalog.

There is some degree of duplication of the material contained on the SPLA tapes because later versions of tapes submitted for inclusion in the SPLA material often contained some components which were not changed from a prior version.  I have dropped all files from the SPLA tapes to this volume, without regard for duplication.  As I was working on dropping the contents of the tapes to the volume, I created an abstract, and the PDF containing that document is:  SPLA tape reload abstract.pdf.  I have used the abstract to attempt to identify the contents of the files on the SPLA tapes, using the documentation included with the SPLA tapes (where available) or directly from the files.  The abstract also indicates files that I did not restore, as in the case of tape header/trailer labels and null/deleted files, which litereally had no content or contained a single record stating something similar to 'this file has been intentionally omitted'.  Two of the SPLA tapes were versions of CBT tapes and in those two cases I have included the contents on CBT volumes (above) rather than drop them onto the SPLA00 volume.


And also a SHARE MVS Mods tape from July 28, 1980.  As with the other volumes above, the volume contains a User Catalog into which all the datasets are catalogued; the archive contains a jobstream to import the User Catalog into your Master Catalog.

SHARE MVS Mods version 80-007 07-28-1980  MD5: f0f492b4112ec2e088402ee12c6f6687  3.6 mB smmt80.rar added January 2015 - 3330 volume 'SMMT80'

I hope that you have found my instructions useful.  If you have questions that I can answer to help expand upon my explanations and examples shown here, please don't hesitate to send them to me:

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