PTFSEL will list and optionally copy either all or selected PTFs from an input PTF dataset.  

It is located in File #65 of the CBT overflow tape and was written by Lionel Dyck at Rockwell Internationall in Seal Beach, CA.


PTFSEL assembles (with IFOX00) and executes under MVS 3.8 with no modifications.

Download the archive:  ptfsel.tar.gz [MD5: 23BBB0433C4D4751354B91EDA191AA12], which contains one file:  iptfsel.jcl.  Uncompress this archive with the command:

tar xvzf ptfsel.tar.gz 

(on Linux) or use WinZip or ZipNAll on Windows/??.

The file iptfsel.jcl contains the JCL for a jobstream to assemble PTFSEL and link-edit the load module into SYS2.LINKLIB.  If you do not have SYS2.LINKLIB defined on your system, you will need to change the jobstream to point to a target load library you have defined on your system.

A listing of the cover letters for all selected PTFs is produced along with a record count for each PTF.  Summary listings are produced showing selected PTFs in sorted order with a cross-reference indicating the page on which the PTF's cover letter was printed.  

The JCL to execute PTFSEL is:

//             UNIT=TAPE,VOL=SER=000901,LABEL=(1,SL),
//             DCB=(RECFM=FB,LRECL=80,BLKSIZE=7200)
//SYSIN    DD  *

PTFIN DD specifies the input PTF dataset.  PTFOUT DD specifies the copied PTFs, if any.  To selectively copy/list PTFs, omit the PARM and include control cards in SYSIN listing the PTF numbers to be selected. Separate each PTF number from the next by a comma.  Each input card may be filled, or a single PTF number may be entered on each card.  Processing of the SYSIN data terminates when the END command is read. 

DCB information must be provided for the PTFOUT DD if it is used.

I hope that you have found my instructions useful.  If you have questions that I can answer to help expand upon my explanations and examples shown here, please don't hesitate to send them to me:

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