ZDUMPTP can be used to examine tapes to determine what is on them. 

It is located in File #316 of the CBT tape and originated at the U.S. Treasury Financial Management Service



I have extracted the Assembler source for ZDUMPTP and the JCL to assemble it from the CBT tape.  I commented out AMODE/RMODE statements so that it would assemble under IFOX00.  The resulting jobstream - zdumptp.jcl - is contained in the archive zdumptp.tgz [MD5: F699643D0580D14D74DA581B6134CB43].  Download the archive and extract the jobstream (WinZip on Windows/?? or tar on Linux).  Submit the jobstream to assemble and link the single load module for LISTPDS into SYS2.LINKLIB.  If you don't have SYS2.LINKLIB defined, you will need to modify the jobstream to specify a target load library.  Note:  ZDUMPTP must execute from an authorized load library.


Executing ZDUMPTP

The JCL to execute ZDUMPTP is simple:

//SYSIN    DD  *

The FILE DD points to the tape which is to be analyzed.  The control card options available are:

FILES=N number of consecutive files to dump (default is 1)
REC=N number of consecutive records to dump (default is ALL)
SKIPFIL=N number of consecutive files to skip (default is zero)
SKIPREC=N number of consecutive records to skip (default is zero)
PRINT=YES print record in character format beside dump (default is YES)
RUN=YES rewind and unload so that next control card may be used on a new tape (default is NO) - multiple tape dumps not supported from console
REDUN=NO exit to end of job on redundant record (default is NO) - YES will cause a maximum of ten redundant records to dump
MODE=NN tape drive mode

I hope that you have found my instructions useful.  If you have questions that I can answer to help expand upon my explanations and examples shown here, please don't hesitate to send them to me:

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