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The archive containing this implementation of SNOBOL -- snobol4.tar.gz [MD5: 86F8ACE0A0CDC1F4B0803B51FFCB1B53] -- was provided by Jay R. Jaeger and I am simply mirroring an exact copy of his archive here.  The archive contains AWS tape images with the compiler and jobstreams to reload the load modules onto your system, as well as a "Hello World" program.  

The README text file from the archive:

Welcome to SNOBOL4 for OS/360 files tailored for the Hercules 370/390

The hercules home page can be (currently) found at:

First, a word about copyright. I was not able to verify 100% that this
software is indeed public domain. But I did do considerable "homework":

1. There is no copyright notice in the original executable.
2. I compard the entry points in subrs.360 located at the University
Arizona public download site snobol directory at All entry points in the module
at the FTP site also appear in this code, so the two are obviously
very closely related. This is version 3.5, the one at Arizona is
labelled 3.11, which leads me to believe that this is actually just
a slightly earlier version of what is there.
3. I looked at the CatsPaw site, and they have freely downloadable
implementations for SNOBOL4 at

A description of the files:


NOTE: If all you want to do is get SNOBOL4 loaded on your system, use
the JCL in snobolmove.jcl with tape image file and
the test program in snobol4.jcl

**************** An AWS image produced using Hercules v1.60
tapecopy utility from an unload produced at
the University of Wisconsin in December 1977

This tape is an IEBCOPY unload. To load it, in
theory you could use VSCOPY (see "CBT tape file
137" -- in the overflow volume). However, when I
tried that, I could not get around a tape density
mismatch with Hercules -- even after I did an IOGEN
to add 6250 BPI support. IEHMOVE does not have this
problem, so either VSCOPY does not work right, or
does not work right under Hercules.

snobol.vs An image of the above tape with ALL of the headers
(AWS headers, OS/360 Block Descriptor Words (BDW)
and OS/360 Record Descriptor Words (RDW) stripped).
Suitable for loading using a MODIFIED version of
Hercules dasdload v1.63 or later -- MODIFIED so that
the initial record length expected is 52 bytes,
instead of the 56 bytes it expects. (This is how
I actually managed to finally get the tape loaded)

If you modify dasdload, you can use the provided 
file tmp001.ctl to build a dasd volume with the
SNOBOL4 program PDS on it, and then use JCL
similar to snobol_iebcopy.jcl to copy it (so that
you can then delete the temporary volume). This is an IEHMOVE unload done FROM HERCULES,
which has also been successfully reloaded using the
jcl in file snobolmove.jcl . THIS IS THE EASIEST

tmp001.ctl A dasdload control file suitable for loading the
file snobol.vs PROVIDED YOU MODIFY dasdload v1.63
or later to expect the initial record to be 52 bytes
instead of the 56 bytes it expects.

snobol_iebcopy.jcl Sample JCL to copy SNOBOL from volume TMP001 to
another location, including allocating a new
library for it.

snobolmove.jcl Sample JCL to load SNOBOL from the tape image in

snobol4.jcl A "Hello World" sample program.

Jay R. Jaeger
	"The Computer Collection"

Additional documentation and resources may also be found at:

I hope that you have found my instructions useful.  If you have questions that I can answer to help expand upon the information I have included here, please don't hesitate to send them to me:

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