SPITBOL/370 Compiler

SPITBOL/370 is a substantial functional extension to SPITBOL/360 version 3. While Version 3 was a stability release concerned with fixing bugs and integrating the new OS interface, SPITBOL/370 
seeks to adapt SPITBOL to the 370 instruction set and add new capabilities to the language. 

The most major changes in SPITBOL/370 are the inclusion of a large number of built-in functions, support for direct access disk files, support for attention handling in interactive environments and use 
of the 370 instruction set. SPITBOL/370 will no longer run on 360 series machines, although it will run on a 370 machine running under OS/360 as well as the more common 370 operating systems 
(OS/VS1, MVS and VM/CMS). 

This version of SPITBOL/370 was provided by Mark H. Needleman, who worked on modifications to the compiler while he was at the University of California.  The archive spitbol370.tgz (1,883,190 bytes; MD5: f52f8b87ce8f771e628cbe715639ff80) contains an HET tape image, a jobstream to restore the datasets from the tape to MVS DASD, and a jobstream to run a small set of test programs.

The tape image contains the following 21 datasets:

01: GPL.V2.TEXT       GNU General Public License 
02: .SPIT370.LOADMODS SPITBOL/370 load module library
03: UR.SPT.V370.DELTA Delta: SPITBOLv3 to SPIT370v1
04: R.SPT.V370.DLAFNS UCAL written functions
05: L.UR.SPT.V370.DOC Update to SPITBOL manual
06: .V370.FIXES.OSINT Fixes to OSINT (empty)
07: 370.FIXES.SPITBOL Fixes to SPITBOL (empty)
08: .SPT.V370.INSTALL Installation instructions
09: R.SPT.V370.OBJECT Various object decks
10: UR.SPT.V370.OSINT Source for the OS interface
11: SPT.V370.OSINTLIB Source for the OS interface external functions
12: SPT.V370.OSINTMAC Macros required to assemble the OS interface
13: .SPT.V370.RELEASE Release prose for SPITBOLv3
14: .SPT.V370.SPITBOL Source for the main compiler module
15: .SPT.V370.SPITMAC Macros required to assemble compiler modules
16: SPT.V370.SPITMATH Source for the math routines in SPITBOL/370
17: .UR.SPT.V370.XFNS Various DLA external functions
18: UR.SPT.V371.OSINT Upgrades to OSINT
19: SPT.V371.OSINTLIB Updates to OS interface external functions
20: SPT.V371.OSINTMAC Updates to macros for OS interface
21: .SPT.V371.SPITBOL Upgrades to SPITBOL

The jobstream contained in spit370r.jcl will restore 20 datasets onto MVS DASD.  As delivered, the space requirements are adequate for restoration to a 3380 volume.  Each target dataset name
is identified by the string '<= TARGET DSN'; for each target dataset, the DASD type and VOLSER are identified by the string '<= TARGET VOLSER'; and the SPACE parameters for each
target dataset are identified by the string '<= SPACE FOR 3380'.  Each target dataset name consists of the high level qualifier of 'SYSP.SPIT370'.  You should modify these parameters to ensure
compatibity for your system before submitting the jobstream for execution.

As the source and macro libraries are supplied, it should be possible to modify the compiler and rebuild it from the source; however, there does not seem to be detailed instructions for accomplishing
that task.

The jobstream contained in spit370t.jcl contains an instream procedure for executing SPITBOL/370 from the load module library and will compile and execute a subset of programs that I copied 
from the SPITBOL/360 installation archive.  The output from this jobstream obtained following installation on my system may be viewed at: Installation Verification Job for SPITBOL/370

I hope that you have found my instructions useful.  If you have questions that I can answer to help expand upon the information I have included here, please don't hesitate to send them to me:

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This page was last updated on June 10, 2016.