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The archive containing the PASCAL compiler available here was derived from one submitted to the Hercules group by Mark Waterbury.  My added notes for the archive (from the README.1ST file included in the archive):

This archive was derived from the archive (PASDST.ZIP) uploaded to the
Hercules groups files area. This archive contains the following files:

file01 - an ASCII version of FILE01 from the original archive
file02 - an ASCII version of FILE02 from the original archive
file03 - an ASCII version of FILE03 from the original archive
file04 - an ASCII version of FILE04 from the original archive
file05 - an unmodified copy of FILE05 from the original archive
file06 - an unmodified copy of FILE06 from the original archive
file07 - an ASCII version of FILE07 from the original archive
pasinst.txt - a portion of the contents of file01
readme.txt - the readme file for the original archive - an AWS tape created by IEBCOPY containing the two
libraries from FILE05 and FILE06
iebcopyr.jcl - the JCL to reload the libraries from
paslink.jcl - the JCL to link edit the PASCAL compiler
pasproc.jcl - the JCL to install the PASCAL procedure into SYS1.PROCLIB
pasivp.jcl - the JCL to verify successful installation of the compiler
readme.1st - this file

Note that the original archive also contained a previous version of the
compiler distribution files in file08, file09, ... file14. These files have
been deleted from this version.

Because of the difficulty I had in getting the EBCDIC versions of FILE05 and
FILE06 imported into MVS and restored, I have created this modified archive
to include an alternative, perhaps more simple, method of installation.

Please read the readme for the original archive (readme.txt) and the
documentation included in file01 for thorough understanding of what is
included here and how to use the Stanford PASCAL compiler.

To install under MVS -

define a 3420 tape drive to Hercules and "mount"
submit iebcopyr.jcl to reload and catalog the two libraries
submit paslink.jcl to link-edit the compiler
submit pasproc.jcl to create the procedure in SYS1.PROCLIB
submit pasivp.jcl to run the installation verification compile

Note that the JCL to reload the libraries (iebcopyr.jcl) and link-edit the
compiler (paslink.jcl) use a 3350 DASD volume of PUB001. You will need to
change this for your system.

If you change the names for the two reloaded libraries and/or the library to
contain the compiler load modules (created in paslink.jcl), you will need
to change the names in the procedure (pasproc.jcl) as well.

Have fun!

Click on the link --  Stanford.Pascal.tar.gz [MD5: 115CF38018C0596573B1E58ADE8DA78C] -- to download the archive to your computer.  

I hope that you have found my instructions useful.  If you have questions that I can answer to help expand upon the information I have included here, please don't hesitate to send them to me:

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This page was last updated on March 30, 2020.