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As I rewrote my MVS 3.8 installation instructions, I decided to add this page as a way of handling miscellaneous questions that might arise.  I also tried to remember and include some of the questions that have been asked and answered in the group discussions.  I will be adding to this page, so it might be a good idea to check back from time to time, especially if you have a question you need answered.  


[December 2006] I have been made aware of a compatibility issue when text files (scripts and JCL) from the archives on my site are used on Linux/UNIX systems:

All your shell-Scripts/jcls and *.cnf have the Control-Character "<CTRL>M" at the end of 
the line when I make a "tar -xvzf installmvs.tgz" on the ubuntu Linux-Box and then 
shell-Scripts are not executable within the Shell.

I began creating content for this site in mid-2000, and during the passing decades my own systems have evolved from OS/2 - to Windows (all versions from NT through 7) - to Linux (several versions).  So the files and archives have been created on different systems, which may mean different line termination for plain text (ASCII) files.  Any text files created from 2017 onward, unless stated specifically otherwise, are created on Linux, so the lines of text in the files will be terminated only with <CTRL>A (line feed character). There is a simple solution for converting files created on a Linux system to be in Windows standard, and vice-versa.  A utility is available that may be used to convert the line termination of text files so that they will function correctly on Windows (if created on Linux) and on Linux (if created on Windows).  It is available from several sources (search for 'fromdos' or 'todos' in your favorite search engine), or use the link: 

Tofrodos - Convert text files to/from MSDOS/Windows/Unix (freeware)

An alternative for Windows users is to edit the text files with the freely available Notepad++ utility, which will correctly edit the files, even without the <CTRL>M at the end of the line.


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If you have questions that I can try to answer for you, please don't hesitate to send them to me:

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