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Jay Moseley, CCP

My intent in creating this site was to meld information from my career as a mainframe computer programmer with relevant resources related to programming currently found in other places on the net. I hope that the result is a unique creation that may benefit others seeking to satisfy their curiosity about computer programming in general, and specifically about programming related to IBM mainframes. 

I date the beginning of my career in programming from 1975, although I was employed as a programmer/analyst on an IBM 360/40 mainframe during 1974. That first mainframe contained less than 100 thousand bytes of memory. The microcomputer I am building this page on contains over 200 million bytes of memory. What a journey I, along with the technology of computing, have traveled in the intervening years.

Follow the COBOL and Assembler navigation tabs to the left to view information, books, and resources for both beginning and advanced programmers.  

Use the Micro Mainframe navigation tab to view information about Hercules, one of the most exciting solutions to providing an IBM mainframe environment on the PC desktop I've seen.   (To go directly to Hercules documentation pages I have written, you may use this Hercules link.)h

The MVS and OS/390 navigation tab shows resources for Systems Programmers  - manuals, books, and shareware.

The Links navigation tab contains any Internet links that don't neatly fit into the other categories.

Finally, the Resumé navigation tab can be used to view my formal resume as well as some programs I have written if you are interested in my programming style and philosophy.


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