Mr. Jay Moseley, CCP
2540 Crestline Drive
Abilene, TX 79602
(325) 672-0491


A seasoned Programmer/Analyst with over 15 years experience comprising all aspects of the applications development cycle, working in online and batch environments.



S/370, 43XX, 309X, 90XX, DOS/VSE, MVS, OS/2, Windows, COBOL, Assembler, CICS, VSAM, ICCF, Easytrieve, Linux, Visual BASIC, REXX, C++, Perl.


A senior Programmer/Analyst position where I can utilize my proven skills in application development and production support.


Consultant on projects for several unrelated companies and volunteer organizations. Modified inventory control and accounting system for use in Mexico, adding government mandated reporting and currency standards. Designed and wrote a database for a crisis/referral switchboard. Designed a database to store and analyze radiometric exploration survey information for an oil exploration company.

1993 to Present

Responsible for design and coding of majority of Requisition/Bid/Purchase Order system for municipal government. Completed other enhancements to financial subsystems and G/L interfaces. Provided solution that enabled Emergency Response 9-1-1 system completion on time. Was responsible for decision to replace SPM with TSO/ISPF for program development.

City of Fort Worth, TX                                                                   1985 to 1989

Designed online application security and control system and completed coding and implemented inventory control system for manufacturing plant. Provided support for other financial application systems.

General Dynamics, Abilene Facility, Abilene, TX                      1984 to 1985

Modified retail credit card billing system for use in aviation and automotive fuel sales; implemented system for fleet sales using automated fuel station systems.

Pride Refining, Abilene, TX                                                          1983 to 1984

Modified application program package from OS/VS to DOS/VSE – proof/transit, demand deposit, time deposit, and installment loan; implemented and supported production system for four commercial banks. Supported additional applications for client companies – payroll, oil and gas accounting, insurance premium billing, retail credit card billing.

Data Leasing Services Company, San Angelo, TX                  1980 to 1983

Supported production environment at remote site – data entry, data transmission, problem resolution, and job restart. Supported end users – TSO/ISPF problem resolution/training and communication problem resolution with multi-drop leased lines to remote mainframe. Wrote ad hoc COBOL, Mark IV, and PL/1 programs to resolve and support production systems.

Pool Well Servicing, San Angelo, TX                                          1979 to 1980

Modified and supported applications for commercial bank operation for primary employer and multiple service banks. Modified and supported payroll application for multiple client companies. Responsible for implementation of online inquiry and memo update system for bank. Promoted to Assistant Data Processing Officer in recognition of dedication in service.

San Angelo National Bank, San Angelo, TX                              1975 to 1979


B.S. in Business Administration, 1995, Cum Laude, 3.766 GPA
Regis University, Denver, CO

Selected References:

"…is consistently performing above standards. He fills in blank spaces in the design of systems, and adds features not previously discussed, but needed for the best operation of the system…" Bobby Marshall, financial projects team leader, City of Fort Worth

"…does every job quickly and accurately…can be depended upon to solve the most difficult problems. Jay was instrumental in the city’s ability to implement E911 on time. Without his effort the city would have been late and lives would have been in danger." Jim Graham, Systems and Programming Manager, City of Fort Worth

"Almost always meets task targets and schedules with normal computer operations support. Develops good user documentation, which has been complimented by several users. Jay’s technical and professional skills make him a valuable site staff member." Ed Chandler, Site Manager, General Dynamics Abilene Facility