This site is dedicated to the memory of my buddy, Marbles.

August 31, 1987 - August 9, 2001


Hercules is a software emulation of the IBM System/360-390 family of mainframe hardware.  The Hercules area contains instructions on installing and using Hercules.  In addition, there are archives of source code, JCL, and instructions on installing and using several of the IBM mainframe operating systems for the System/360-390 family of mainframes.


The programming area is a brief summary of my career as a mainframe computer programmer.  There are links and recommendations for resources for COBOL and 370 Assembler programming, as well as some useful resources for Systems Programming and a few generic programming sites.  I have also included archives of some of the programs I have written over the years that may serve as examples of the particular programming philosophy, or style, I espouse.


A small collection of programs I have converted to, or written new, for the GnuCOBOL (formerly OpenCOBOL) compiler.  If you are not aware of the GnuCOBOL compiler, I highly recommend you give it a try.  I am finding that I can often use it to build solutions to scripting programs for my Linux desktops with no more difficulty or time invested than if I choose REXX.

From the Archives

I've been re-organizing a lot of old files and I came across a yellowed newspaper clipping from March 1974, reporting on the open house at the new computing center at my university.  We had just gotten a brand new 360/40 which was replacing all of our all 407/409 accounting machines, reproducing punches (Morris Sparks informed me this was probably model 514 or 519, which sounds vaguely familiar), and 077 card sorters.  My dears ... we had arrived!  And in the first picture on the page, there I am, sitting at the 1052 keyboard, cleverly posed by the newspaper photographer with my hand poised to IPL DOS Release 26: