Installing BREXX370 Patch

October 2021


BREXX370 release V2R5M0 has had a patch released.  If you have installed V2R5M0, you should install this patch following the successful installation of BREXX370, and these step-by-step instructions will guide you through that process, although it is a short and not difficult process to complete.


Download the Patch

The patch consists of several updated load modules, which are contained in an archive hosted at GitHub, in the same location as the BREXX370 distribution.  Download the archive to your computer:  wget  

Unpack the archive on your computer.  It contains a single XMIT format archive: brexx.V2R5M0.llib.  This object is an XMIT archive, even though it does not have an XMIT suffix.  You will upload this archive to MVS 3.8j to create a Partitioned Dataset which contains the updated load modules.


Upload the Archive to MVS

Next you need to submit a job to use the program RECV370 to transfer the XMIT file to MVS and unpack it.

There is a prototype job in SYSC.JCLLIB(RECV370) that may be quickly tailored to the needed requirements.  Here is the completed JCL for the job:

//RECV1   EXEC RECV370                                     
//             VOL=SER=PUB001,UNIT=3390,
//             SPACE=(TRK,(300,30,20),RLSE),
//             DISP=(,CATLG,DELETE)

In the JCL above, the input dataset (XMITIN DD statement), you are specifying the exact address of a card reader that is emulated by Hercules.  On the Hercules command window, initialize the card reader to point to the file on your host Operating System that holds the XMIT to be transferred.  The Hercules command is devinit 01c <path>/brexx370.V2R5M0.llib ebcdic.  You should specify the correct path to the file in place of <path> in the example command.  Note:  This command specifies address x'01c' which is the correct address for an MVS system built using my instructions.  The address specified must match a device in your MVS system that is defined as a card reader and that card reader must not be managed by JES2.  It is also imperative that you include the ebcdic operand to inform Hercules to not do ASCII to EBCDIC translation when the host Operating System file is read in.

The output dataset should be named BREXX.V2R5M0.PATCH, as it will be referenced in the instructions below.  The dataset will be placed on volume PUB001, which in my system is a 3390 DASD.  It is important that the dataset be placed on a 3390 DASD as the dataset is tailored to fit on 3390 DASD tracks.

Note that I have added an override for the work dataset defined by SYSUT1 so that it is also allocated on PUB001.  Because the dataset being restored from the XMIT file originated on a 3390 device, the work dataset must be allocated on a DASD that has a track size equal to, or larger than, that of a 3390.  This is a temporary dataset that will be deleted at the end of the job, so it will not occupy space permanently.

Submit the job to MVS to transfer the XMIT dataset to MVS and unpack it.  The output for this job may be viewed at recv370.patch.pdf.


Replace BREXX370 Load Modules

The dataset that has been created - BREXX.V2R5M0.PATCH - contains updated load modules for BREXX370.  You will use the IEBCOPY utility to copy the updated load modules into the load library where BREXX370 was installed, replacing the original load modules with the versions that have been patched.

Here is the complete jobstream to execute IEBCOPY:

//IEBCOPY  JOB (001),IEBCOPY,CLASS=A,MSGCLASS=X                  
//COPY    EXEC PGM=IEBCOPY,REGION=1024K                          
//SYSPRINT DD  SYSOUT=*                                          
//LIBIN    DD  DISP=SHR,DSN=BREXX.V2R5M0.PATCH                   
//LIBOUT   DD  DISP=MOD,DSN=SYS2.LINKLIB                         
//SYSIN    DD  *                                                 
  COPY INDD=((LIBIN,R)),OUTDD=LIBOUT                             

Submit the job.  The return codes for the single step of this job should be 0000.  The output from this job may be viewed at iebcopy.patch.pdf.

After applying the update, BREXX370 should report a build date of Oct 22 2021, which you can verify at the TSO READY prompt:



You no longer need the load module library created from the downloaded archive, so you may delete the BREXX.V2R5M0.PATCH dataset:


I hope that you have found my instructions useful.  If you have questions that I can answer to help expand upon my explanations and examples shown here, please don't hesitate to send them to me:

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