GCCMVS or GCC370 on MVS 3.8j


When I recently checked, the links I had for GCCMVS seem to have gone offline and what is left is a set of instructions with no installation media to work with.  As I write this, GCCMVS is available from the CBT Tape site on File #853.  It is version 3.4.6 and was transmitted to CBT on 12/01/2019.  Examining the material from the CBT tape XMIT it appears to me that this was packaged for use on z/OS, but with some work I installed it on my MVS 3.8j under Hercules.  After successfully installing GCCMVS and verifying the installation with the supplied sample job, I backed up the datasets using DSSDUMP.  From there I created a process to reload from the backup tape, and that is what I am making available here for anyone who wants to try GCCMVS on MVS 3.8j.  Note: If you have SYSCPK (at version 1.19 or later) installed, you already have GCCMVS on your system; please read GCC.DOC($SYSCPK) on the SYSCPK volume. [26 September 2020] Paul Edwards informed me that support for version 3.4.6 has been abandoned and superceded by version 3.2.3, so I have updated the version contained on the tape in the archive below.

Download the archive gccmvs.tar.gz [11 mB MD5: b07d991176ba1cb650fdd33342efab4a], which contains an AWS tape image (gccmvs.dssdump.het) and the jobstream to reload the datasets (restore.gccmvs.jcl).  The jobstream may require modification for your system.  As provided, it will restore to DASD volume PUB001, which is a 3390 on my system, and will expect a User Catalog (UCPUB001) in which to catalog the datasets.  The first step of the job defines the two ALIASes required by GCC and PDPCLIB.  The output of the restore job may be viewed at dssrest.gccmvs.pdf.

Note:  Procedures are provided in GCC.PROCLIB, which may be copied to SYS2.PROCLIB in order to be able to execute the compiler via catalogued procedure.  All of the datasets in the CBT archive are present, so there is documentation (GCC.DOC and PDPCLIB.DOC) and several other files to examine for how to use the compiler.

I hope that you have found my instructions useful.  If you have questions that I can answer to help expand upon the information I have included here, please don't hesitate to send them to me:

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This page was last updated on September 27, 2020.