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Update 10/15/2014

Jürgen Winkelmann has made significant updates to the original distribution format, as well as tracking down the source of the damage to the WATFIV.USER.GUIDE dataset and eliminating it.  Following a number of problems and complaints about the IEHMOVE format of the original archive, which are quite justified in my opinion, he has created a distribution tape using IEBCOPY and IEBGENER to export/import the datasets.  His distribution archive contains the AWS tape from which to install the materials, jobstreams to reload and run a test suite, and a brief instruction text file.  It is available from my site at: watfiv_JW.zip [MD5: 36e659a9e562f270adb2ffcf1e86e264].

Following his actions to correct the damaged WATFIV User Guide, he also produced a replacement in PDF format, which you may download here: WATFIV_User_Guide.pdf.

There is no change to the WATFIV objects contained in the distribution, so if you have previously installed it using either the archive from my site [below], or have acquired the WATFIV compiler as a part of the SYSCPK volume, the only element you need to update is the corrected WATFIV Users Guide.

A tape image containing the WATFIV compiler was uploaded to the OS/360 group files area in February, 2006.  I assisted someone in reloading the datasets from this tape when they encountered problems that seem to be caused by errors in the tape labels.  At the request of Phil Roberts, I am adding an archive to my site containing the tape and a reload jobstream similar to other language compiler archives hosted here.  Click on the link:

watfiv.tgz [MD5: AEA63B1F0EC7F01C34FD69E6F68BC1B8]

to download the archive to your computer.  The archive contains:

watfivug.pdf - WATFIV Users Guide
reload.jcl - jobstream to reload the datasets from the tape
wattest.jcl - jobstream to execute the test job
watfiv.aws - the same tape that may be downloaded from the OS/360 group's file area

The reload jobstream - reload.jcl - is constructed to function on my system, where the target volume is a 3350 with the Volume Serial of PUB001 and a high order dataset name qualifier of SYSO.  You will probably need to change at least some of these for your system.  For example, if you are loading to Volker's Turnkey system, you can change every instance of PUB001 to PUB000 and SYSO to HERC01.  Don't overlook the target DASD type, Volume Serial, and high order dataset name qualifier in the control statements for IEHMOVE.

WATFIV.PROCLIB(WATFIVE) contains a procedure that is intended to be used to execute WATFIV to compile programs.  As restored, the procedure has one error, the program name parameter should be WATFIV and not WATFIVE.  The test jobstream - wattest.jcl - contains an instream copy of the WATFIVE procedure with modifications to function on my system; specifically the Volume Serial where the datasets were reloaded is PUB001 and a suffix parameter has been added which is set to SYSO.  Once tailored to your system, this procedure could be cataloged in the SYS2.PROCLIB to make using WATFIV to compile programs much easier.

The Users Guide contained in the WATFIV.USER.GUIDE dataset is either damaged or compressed.  In either case, I located a copy of the Users Guide contained in a WORD document that I have included in Adobe PDF format in the archive.  I am unsure that the contents of the Users Guide exactly match this distribution, primarily because I noticed that in the discussion of the execution procedure, the procedure listed does not contain the error in the program name that exists in the actual procedure contain in WATFIV.PROCLIB(WATFIVE).  Regardless this documentation will be useful to those unfamiliar with WATFIV.

I hope that you have found my instructions useful.  If you have questions that I can answer to help expand upon the information I have included here, please don't hesitate to send them to me:

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