CBT Software for MVS 3.8

There is some really useful software contained on the CBT tape, but sometimes it requires a bit of manipulation to get it in a form that is usable on MVS 3.8 as most of the mainframe computing world is currently using some flavor of OS/390 while we are back in the past about thirty years on an operating system most people would refer to as obsolete.  Some of the software that I get working and find that I use frequently I am going to include here on this page.

On the page for the each module listed below I will include:

  1. a description of the software

  2. where it is on the CBT tape

  3. sample output (if any)

  4. the jobstream I used to install to software, which will include the modifications required to the software to install and/or run on MVS 3.8

You can always retrieve the software directly from the CBT site (https://www.cbttape.org), but for at least some of the programs you will have to make modifications similar to the ones I have made.

November 2014 Update

At various times I have retrieved items from older versions of the CBT tapes.  The older versions are available from the CBT.org site, but are mostly available as tape images, which require some work to reload before individual files may be accessed.  I have begun to revisit some of these versions and in the process am organizing them in such a way to be able to stow them on my site as individual volumes.  Therefore, if anyone needs to quickly access an older version of the CBT 'tape', they may download the image, attach it to their Hercules' MVS system and have quicker access.  To access these older versions, follow this link: Older CBT Versions

ALIST - TSO command - lists information about all allocated datasets

CATLG - TSO commands - adds three IEHPROGM functions

CONSAMS - execute IDCAMS commands from system console

DD - TSO command - displays the attributes of datasets

DDN - TSO command - shorthand version of ALLOC 

DISKMAP - Prints report of dataset allocation on selected DASD volumes

DSAT - TSO command - displays data set information by index level.

DUDASD - TSO command - displays DASD unit information on TSO User's screen

DUTAPES - TSO command - display TAPE unit information on TSO User's screen (also STC)

DYNALLOC - subroutine allows COBOL main program to dynamically allocate datasets

FILEATTR - subroutine allows COBOL main program to retrieve dataset attributes

FIND - TSO command - searchs members of PDS for string (similar to 'check' function of PDSUPDTE)

FINDFILE - TSO command - displays the catalog and DASD location of a specified dataset

FREEALL - TSO command - frees all allocated datasets

GDGCOPY - copies Generation Data Groups in correct order

IBHLSPAC - list all availble space on DASD that are online

IEHMAP - analyze DASD, print listing of contents, recover bad VTOC entries

INSTREAM - TSO command to copy statements embedded in CLIST to a dataset

LISTDD - TSO command to list attributes of allocated datasets

LISTPDS - list and/or punch source libraries or datasets

LISTSPC - TSO command - displays dataset allocation and freespace information

LISTVOL - TSO command - displays volume(s) on which dataset is allocated 

LM - TSO command - displays directory for Partitioned Datasets

MS - TSO command - displays various system statistics and execution information.

MEMBER - TSO command to display information about a member of PDS.

MNEMAC - Extended mnemonic macros for IFOX assembler

OFFLOAD - unload Partitioned Dataset contents to sequential dataset (see PDSLOAD)

PDSBLKS - TSO command to display directory blocks allocated/used for a Partitioned Dataset

PDSGEN - generate card images from one or more PDS libraries

PDSLOAD - reload Partitioned Dataset contents from sequential dataset (see OFFLOAD)

PDSPRINT - print/punch members of partitioned datasets

PDSPROGM - provides the functions of IEHPROGM with simpler control statements

PDSUPDTE - allows global modifications of contents of libraries

PDSUR - Unload/Reload PDS in IEHMOVE format

PRINTALL - read any dataset and prints contents with optional hex dump.

PRINTOFF - TSO command - prints PDS or sequential dataset to SYSOUT

PTFSEL - lists and optionally copies PTFs from an input PTF file

RLSE - TSO command - releases unused space allocated to DASD resident datasets

SETPFKEY - allows console Program Function Keys to be set at IPL time

SHOWASM - TSO command - display aux storage, page/swap dataset information

SHOWDSCB - batch program to decode and display DSCB information for dataset(s)

SHOWSMF - display information about SMF datasets (TSO command or STC)

SLACLE - SLAC Modifications to the OS/VS Linkage Editor

STACK - TSO command - capture output from PUTGET I/O of next TSO command 

SUPERGEN - like IEBGENER, but with many more options

SUPERLST - formatted VTOC and track map listing

SYSREPRO - another IEBGENER clone, but with some useful features

SYSTEM - TSO command - displays IPL information about MVS 3.8j

TAPEMAP - analyze tapes and report on contents of datasets

TAPESCAN - report (and copy) contents of datasets on tapes

VOLS - TSO command to display online DASD volumes + available space

VSAMLIST - VSAM Catalog List Utility

VTOC  - TSO command to display DASD VTOC information

VTOCLIST - user-friendly formatted VTOC

ZAPDSCB - batch program to change DSCB attributes of any DASD dataset

ZDUMPTP - generalized dump of tape datasets in hex format

ZZRELINK - builds JCL to re-link edit load module(s)

I hope that you have found my instructions useful.  If you have questions that I can answer to help expand upon my explanations and examples shown here, please don't hesitate to send them to me:

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This page was last updated on January 25, 2022.