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2018 Dec 30 compilers/SIMULA Updated link to SIMULA
2018 Mar 28 compilers/SIMULA Updated link to SIMULA
2018 Feb 12 CBT / PDSUR Added PDSUR (PDS Unload/Reload utility)
2018 Feb 12 SYSCPK Added PDSUR (PDS Unload/Reload utility)
2018 Jan 18 compilers/BASIC360 Updated Ed Liss BASIC interpreter to V3.0.0
2017 Sep 23 MVS FAQ Added fix to auto start JES2 printers
2017 Sep 12 SYSCPK Added several load modules & source datasets
2016 Sep 17 compilers/BASIC360 Added Ed Liss BASIC interpreter
2016 Jul 29 MVS FAQ Added solution to suppress IFB010D message at IPL.
2016 Jun 15 MVT sources Added FORTRAN H source to MVTSRC 3350 volume.
2016 Jun 10 MVT sources Added FORTRAN G source to MVTSRC 3350 volume.
2016 Jan 23 older CBT Added CBT #328 2/10/1992
2015 Nov 09 Install MVS Changes suggested by Ralf Jonas, including detailed procedure for starting system normally after it is customized.
2015 Nov 09 Install DOS/360 Added section for Stephen Orso's instructions
2015 Feb 11 MVT sources Added page for source for MVT compilers
2015 Jan 30 installmvs.rar Corrected bash create.dasd script in installmvs.rar
2015 Jan 30 RPG Tutor Added RPG specifications forms PDFs
2015 Jan 19 CBT / VOLS Updated VOLS command for 3340/3375
2015 Jan 18 older CBT Added SHARE MVS Mods Tape from 07/28/1980
2015 Jan 18 ALIST Update to ALIST TSO command
2015 Jan 18 LISTDD Added LISTDD TSO command
2015 Jan 17 Install MVS Complete revision of Installing MVS 3.8j instructions
2015 Jan 12 SYSCPK Added several load modules & libraries
2014 Dec 05 SYSCPK Added several load modules & libraries
2014 Nov 29 older CBT Added SPLA volume to the older CBT versions page
2014 Nov 2 older CBT Added page for older CBT versions
2014 Oct 15 installing compilers:
Added improved installation distribution/corrected Users Guide supplied by Jürgen Winkelmann.
2014 Jul 22 miscpgms/ncz93205 Replaced to fix S0C4 abend.
2014 Feb 23 CBT / SUPERLST Added SUPERLST program
2014 Feb 13 CBT / MS Added MS TSO Command.
2014 Jan 22 compilers/SPITBOL/370 Added SPITBOL/370 to compilers
2014 Jan 21 compilers/SPITBOL Add IEBCOPY tape/jobstream to restore distribution files
2013 Sep 25 SYSCPK Corrected member name for SYSC.SETUP.CNTL(ISYSCPKJ) in instructions.
2013 Jul 05 compilers/Pascal8k Add archive with version 2.0 source submitted directly to me.
2013 Jul 01 SYSCPK Update Algol68C to version 1.3039
2013 Jun 23 Updated references for Hercules pages to point to new Hercules' home address (
2013 May 08 SYSCPK Update Algol to Tom Armstrong's version 2.1
2013 May 07 FAQs Added mirror of Turnkey/MVS CD-ROM.
2013 May 06 compilers/algol Update with Tom Armstrong's version 2.1
2013 Mar 09 compilers/algol68c Insert link to Chris Cheney's updated version
2010 Jul 31 miscpgms/dynaload Link to Ed Liss' website updated.
2010 Jul 30 SYSCPK Update single volume compilers/tools DASD SYSCPK
2009 May 16 TAPEMAP Update TAPEMAP installation to assemble from source.
2009 Feb 09 SYSCPK Update single volume compilers/tools DASD SYSCPK.
2008 Nov 30 SYSCPK Update single volume compilers/tools DASD SYSCPK.
2008 Nov 28 miscpgms/dynaload Updated to include link to Ed Liss' website.
2008 Nov 20  CBT / FILEATTR Added FILEATTR subroutine
2008 Nov 20 CBT / DYNALLOC Added DYNALLOC subroutine
2008 Nov 19 miscpgms/compcode Added Step completion code reporting program
2008 Nov 13 SYSCPK Added single volume compilers/tools volume.
2008 Nov 2 CBT / VSAMLIST Added VSAMLIST utility.
2008 Oct 22 MVT Sort/Merge Added MVT Sort/Merge install from source
2008 Sep 20 installing compilers Added XPL Compiler Generator to compilers.
2008 Sep 6 rpf153.tgz Update RPF archive with new version from Tur(n)key group files area. [MD5: 7867333254f345da1434b4f4211806fe]
2008 Sep 3 CBT / PDSBLKS Added PDSBLKS TSO Command.
2008 Sep 1 installing compilers Added Pascal 8000 to compilers.
2008 Aug 28  installing compilers Added ALGOL68C (Cambridge) to compilers
2008 Aug 26 installing compilers Added installation archive/instructions for SIMULA
2008 Aug 26 installing compilers Added Stony Brook Pascal/XPL to compilers
2008 Apr 23 Added MD5 checksums for all archives.
2008 Apr 19 miscpgms/date rtns Updated leap year testing in three source programs.
2008 Apr 12 miscpgms/jobcrd Added JOB card information retrieval subprogram.
2008 Apr 10 CBT / consams Added CONSAMS - IDCAMS commands from console
2008 Apr 2 RW Tutorial Added COBOL Report Writer tutorial.
2008 Mar 22 installing compilers Add Dan Skomsky's ASMG Version 27a to compilers
2008 Mar 1 Correct SYSGEN01.JCL in installmvs archives (both .zip and .tgz)
2008 Feb 18 Install MVS Updated instructions for installing MVS 3.8j.
2008 Jan 15 miscpgms/dynaload Added Ed Liss' Dynaload for MVT COBOL
2008 Jan 11 compiling Added Stephen Powell's Assembler Macro Library.
2008 Jan 5 AWS tape utilities


Added Paul Edwards modifications to the C versions of maketape and tapedump.
Updated some FAQs.
2007 Mar 7 installing compilers: SPASM Added SPASM to the compilers page and also added a link to the compilers page for SLACLE.
2007 Mar 5 CBT / FIND  Added FIND TSO command.
2007 Feb 25 installing compilers Complete reorganization of the Compilers for MVS page.
2007 Feb 19 MORTRAN Added the MORTRAN preprocessor (SLAC via SPLA tapes).
2007 Jan 10 Install IFOX00 Added Paul Gorlinsky's IFOX00 distribution.
2007 Jan 3 CBT / pdsload Updated to newer version from CBT.
2007 Jan 2 ASSIST In response to a post on the Turnkey group, I have expanded the SPACE allocations for work datasets in the assembler and link-editor steps in the assist$.jcl. 
2006 Dec 24 MVT S/M source Corrected JCL in MVTSORT1.ZIP->JCLLIB.JCL
2006 Dec 11 CBT / SLACLE Added SLAC modifications to OS/VS Linkage Editor.
2006 Dec 5 installing compilers:
Added archive containing the WATFIV compiler.
2006 Nov 21 pdsupdte.tgz Updated device type table to include all supported DASD. [MD5: 0F559B100800C9C4AFA5C13B36FFE8FA]
2006 June 24 installing compilers:
Added link to Simula compiler website maintained by Peter Sylvester.
2006 May 16 instmvs5 Added instructions for applying Greg Price's modifications that enhance TSO CLIST variables/functions.
2006 May 15 instmvs5 Updated installation instructions for QUEUE TSO command to use Greg Price's version which necessitated the addition of his modifications ZP60008 and ZP60009 and four pre-requisited PTFs.
2006 Jan 17 rpf152.tgz Updated RPF archive with new version from Tur(n)key group files area. 
2005 Dec 29 Updated references for Hercules pages to point to new Hercules' home address (
2004 Dec 16 CBT / STACK Added STACK TSO command
2004 Dec 13 jes2mod I discovered that the jobstream to apply this modification to JES2 had been renumbered prior to upload.  That was quite a while ago, so I guess no one has tried to apply it, or just gave up without asking why.  Anyway, it has been corrected.
2004 Dec 12 ASSIST One final time... replaced XMIT distribution with plain text jobstreams using source from NIU.  Should be cleaner.
2004 Dec 10 misc programs Added utility to display messages are execute MVS commands at scheduled times/days
2004 Dec 9 ASSIST Split documentation from XMIT and provided as separate PDF files.
2004 Dec 8 ASSIST Added ASSIST package to Assembling/Compiling page
2004 Dec 1 misc programs Added utility to generate DD statements for all DASD units.
2004 Nov 22 instmvs5 Made some minor updates to text and added a new page on documenting changes (ie, creating a System Notebook)
2004 Nov 17 installing compilers Added SPITBOL 360 installation archive and documentation to MVS compilers page. 
2004 Nov 16 mvtcbcfg.htm Added macro, jobstream, documentation for changing the default options for the MVT COBOL compiler.
2004 Nov 14 ba3270.tgz Added 3270 Buffer Address translation programs [MD5: E7D5242A949DA1BAE22EBA22545C77E3]
2004 Nov 14 FAQs Addition to MVS Console: submitting Hercules commands from MVS.
2004 Nov 13 CBT / INSTREAM
Added INSTREAM TSO command
and MEMBER TSO command..
2004 Nov 11 FAQs Addition to Application/User tasks: COBOL RETURN-CODE
2004 Nov 10 cobfiles.pdf Added PDF containing summary of COBOL Environment Division statements for the various organizations and access modes.
2004 Nov 8 cobol.tgz Added catalogued procedure for COBUCL (compile & link-edit). As a result of a question I received, I became aware that this procedure did not exist on the MVT system and I had neglected to correct the oversight when I exported the compilers/procedures from MVT.  Also added listing of the procedure to System Compile/Link-Edit/Execute ProceduresAnd, since I was updating the COBOL archive anyway, I made a slight change to all the COBOL procedures to make BUF/SIZE parameters easier to handle. [MD5: 0ffef09764d061de8d28903d2c89a04f]
2004 Nov 7 FAQs Addition to JES2 questions.
2004 Nov 3 compiling Updated some material for the COBOL compiler.
2004 Nov 1 FAQs

JES2 blank lines
Added discussion of spurious blank lines in printed output that summarizes a lengthy discussion Robert Hodge and I had about it, along with a tr command that will fix the problem.
2004 Nov 1 submit.htm

Modification to JCLCAT preprocessor to correctly identify delimiter of $INCLUDEd file name when contained in files that do not contain sequence numbers in columns 73-80. [MD5: D59B31D121A1791EA2EF01DA587E8500]
2004 Oct 31 os360 source
os360 distlibs
Split the OS360/MVT archive into separate source and distribution archives to make download faster if you don't need the source.
2004 Oct 31 MVT S/M source Added MVT Sort source page
2004 Oct 26 CBT / VOLS Added VOLS TSO command
2004 Oct 20 os360.tgz Added OS/360 MVT 21.8f distribution library to this site.
2004 Oct 17 index page text Updated/added text to main page of site
2004 Oct 16 CBT / SHOWASM Added SHOWASM TSO command
2004 Oct 16 CBT / DUTAPES Added DUTAPES TSO command
2004 Oct 12 TSO tutorial Added TSO tutorial to site
2004 Sep 15 IEFU29 Added jobstream to relocate SMF datasets to User Catalog
2004 Aug 19 IEFU29 Updated code for IEFU29 exit.
2004 July 31 CBT / SHOWSMF Added SHOWSMF TSO command
2004 July 20 rpf152.tgz Updated RPF archive with new version from Tur(n)key group files area.
2004 July 19 group links Updated/added links to Hercules' discussion groups
2004 May 4 rpf152.tgz Updated RPF archive with new version from turnkey group files area.
2004 Apr 25 Learning 370 Assembler Added link to new group created by Jim Morrison to facilitate learning 370 (-390) assembler.
2004 Apr 6 IMASPZAP Added page for SUPERZAP program (IMASPZAP/AMASPZAP)
2004 Apr 6 FAQs Added ZAP to PLI/F to suppress default ESTAE processing of abends that was posted to H390-MVS group.
2004 Apr 2 installing compilers: gccmvs  Added link to download instructions and files to build gcc for MVS. 
2004 Mar 30 submit.htm Added shell script and JCL preprocessor JCLCAT for submitting jobstreams from PC files via socket reader.
2004 Mar 14 instmvs2 / installmvs.tgz Replaced mvsdasd shell script in archive installmvs.tgz [MD5: 93DE12BB7DD5697F8470F18BE3223552]
2004 Mar 11 offload / offload.tgz Removed blank lines between embedded macro definitions [MD5: 9CB417424662ADC44BE3984A66DB006B]
2004 Mar 2 CBT / diskmap Added diskmap 
2004 Feb 28 ncz93205 Added subroutine to enable COBOL program access to partitioned datasets
2004 Feb 27 iefactrt-3 Added Memorex IEFACTRT exit
2004 Feb 26 asmxfivp.tgz Added alternate IFOX installation verification job [MD5: 864DE1D82C6F0E365C800938107AECF3]
2004 Feb 26 asmprocs.tgz Added improved Assembler procedures [MD5: 01EF37B245FB8D7D74E5DD58D70A57A2]
2004 Feb 23 CBT / pdsload Added pdsload
2004 Feb 23 CBT / pdsupdte Added pdsupdte (also known as ipoupdte/cppupdte)
2004 Feb 21 resetds Added utility to reset PO/PS datasets to "empty"
2004 Feb 21 OS Utilities Added content to page
2004 Feb 21 primevs Added utility to "prime" newly defined vsam clusters to enable input/output access
2004 Feb 20 RPG tutorial Added MR flowchart (pdf)
2004 Feb 14 ind$file Added copy of ind$file archive from turnkey group files area
2004 Feb 12 mnemac Added extended menmonic assembler macros
2004 Feb 12 asmxf.tgz Corrected errors in reload jobstream for MVT users [MD5: F4C0AADD038D6057189B669D9F5FC4ED]
2004 Feb 11 compiling / algol Expanded ALGOL parameter options and added SYSACT and ALGOL dataset documentation
2004 Feb 05 MVT compilers Replaced MVT compiler archives with mainly cosmetic changes
2002 Jan 29 rpf152.tgz Updated RPF archive with new version from turnkey group files area

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