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2024 May 19 Migrating System to 3390 Added an addendum for a short process to migrate MVS 3.8j system datasets to 3390 DASD.  May not be of interest to everyone, but I had been asked about it by several people.
2024 May 17 SYSCPK Updated ZZRELINK to CBT v506 in SYSC.CBT.SOURCE and added AC(1) to reassemble to SYSC.LINKLIB. Added DCB=(RECFM=FB,LRECL=121,BLKSIZE=121) to SYSPRINT DD in SYSC.JCLLIB. These changes were required for relink of some system modules in preparation of creating MVS 3.8j system residing on 3390 DASD.
2024 May 7 MVS Utilities Added clarification to IEHMOVE target specification, when target resides on TAPE devices.
2024 May 6 SYSCPK

Miscellaneous Programs

Updates to SYSCPK: Added emptytst and stats programs to SYSC.CBT.SOURCE, SYSC.LINKLIB, and SYSC.JCLLIB; updated Y2K source for Y2KGETD (also recompiled into SYSC.LINKLIB) to add return of system time.

Updated archive for installing Y2K date programs, which is not necessary if you have SYSCPK installed.

2024 May 1 Installing MVS 3.8j Updated guide for installing (generating) MVS 3.8j from IBM distribution tapes.  Includes updates from Rob Prins of Jim Morrison's 3375/3380/3390 DASD modifications, as well as other User Modifications required for building a target system that can more fully utilize the 3375/3380/3390 DASD device types.
2024 March 16  SYSCPK
Removed duplicate SCRIPT documentation.  Added SCRIPT PROC to SYSC.PROCLIB and JCL to print SCRIPT manual to SYSC.JCLLIB.  Added source from which SPITBOL/370 was built and included jobstream to build the SPITBOL/370 load module in SYSC.SPIT370.BUILD (supplied by Peter Sylvester).
2024 March 11 SYSCPK

Updated OS/360 MVT Sort/Merge to Tom Armstrong's revised version 1.01.
Rebuilt and reinstalled
SPITBOL/370 load library using jobstream supplied by Peter Sylvester.
Updated OS/360 MVT Sort/Merge to Tom Armstrong's revised version 1.01.
2024 January 30 SIMULA Corrected erroneous statement regarding system date requirement. This issue was corrected by Peter Sylvester subsequent to my creation of the SIMULA page in 2016. The SIMULA compiler functions without the need to change the system date, both the version provided on the SIMULA page and the version included in SYSCPK.
2023 December 14 Installing MVS 3.8j Rob Prins has updated the User Modificaftions for 3375/3380/3390 DASD device types.  The descriptions for his corrections include:
  • The UNITNAME macro had an error if you code VIO=YES if you use 3375, 3380 and 3390 only.  These devices were not recognized as DASD devices. I have changed the Device Information Table (DIT) for these devices.

  • And I have change SGIEC0DT. The device area had an incorrect value for the OVERHEAD DECREMENT NON-KEYED field for 3375, 3380 and 3390.  So, TRKCALC and DEVTYPE gives wrong results.

Rob has created a new tape, which I have substituted for the previous version in my mvsInstallationResources (both tar.gz and zip archives).  The volume serial is now j90011. The dataset names of the 3 files are unchanged (SMPMCS, M023000.F1 and M023000.F2).

2023 August 23 MVS Utilities Corrected example jobs for IEHPROGM.  Thanks to Doug Wegscheid for the pointing out the errors.
2023 August 16 Installing MVS 3.8j

Rob Prins issued a new version of the MVS Turnkey (V5).  In the process of creating this version, he corrected some known deficiencies in the User Modifications used to add support for 3375/3380/3390 DASD device types to MVS 3.8j.  The descriptions for his corrections include:

  • UNITNAME VIO=YES gives an IEIGEN121 error message if specifying only 3375/3380/3390 volumes.

These devices are not recognized as DASD devices.  Macros SGIDSP03, SGIDSP04 and SGIDSP05 have been updated to set the DASD flag.  Now VIO=YES is accepted and works.

  • The SYSCATLG member in SYS1.NUCLEUS is not correct with 3375/3380/3390 devices.

I got a return code 8 in macro SGIGG500.  A CONVERT was tried for a non-numeric value and there was a undefined variable &BLKSIZE.

Rob has fixed these issues and made a new tape, with an internal tape VOL label = J90010.

I have updated my installation objects to reflect the update to this version of the tape.  I have not generated a system using the tape, but I know that Rob has completed the work to build a reliable tape, so I have updated the tape in my instructions.  Note: there are a couple of graphics that have not been updated, and will not be until I can run through a generation of the MVS 3.8j system using this tape.  I believe I have noted every occurrence of disagreement in the graphics.

Using this updated set of User Modifications, it should be possible to generate a working MVS 3.8j system using only 3380 or 3390 DASD device types for System Residence volume.

2023 May 25 SYSCPK

Installing MVS 3.8j
Reinstalled Tom Armstrong's ALGOL compiler because of reported problems.  Source was CBT File #876, plus his patch from 2021/11/19.
Updated Waterloo assembler procedure, adding SYSLIN DD DUMMY.

Minor grammatical issues corrected on pages for installation of MVS 3.8j.
2023 March 9 Miscellaneous Programs


Added Ed Liss' PL/I wrapper for the subprogram to retrieve JOB card information at execution time.


2023 January 31 SYSCPK Added SLAC Link-Editor to SYSC.LINKLIB and modified all procedures in SYSC.PROCLIB that call the Link-Editor to include a symbolic variable to allow the selection of calling either the MVS 3.8j Link-Editor (installed during System Generation) or the SLAC Link-Editor.  Read additional documentation in SYSC.LKED37.CNTL($README).  Without direct action, the procedures will continue to perform as before, i.e. the MVS 3.8j Link-Editor will be used for all Link-Edit steps.

Added Bernd Oppolzer's New Stanford Pascal (from his 2023.01 update).  Only the libraries required to run the compiler were loaded onto SYSCPK.  The procedure names to execute the compiler are those distributed, however the dataset names were modified to conform to the conventions used on SYSCPK.  For additional information on this distribution for MVS, visit (the link for the archive download used to install on SYSCPK is:, 

2022 September 22 Alternate Indexes over an ESDS cluster Added an example of building/using multiple Alternate Indexes over an ESDS cluster, then accessing the records from a COBOL program (using VSAMIO).
2022 June 26 MVS FAQ Added several new Frequently Asked questions with answers.
2022 June 15 SYSCPK Uploaded new copy of prior update - the only change from the 2022 June 10 update is that the DASD image is not compressed. Thank you Chris for catching this.
2022 June 10 SYSCPK Update Ed Liss BASIC interpreter to V 3.3.1 on SYSCPK.
2022 April 30 Install KICKS

Install BREXX370

Instructions updated to include addition of JOBLIB /or/ STEPLIB statement to the jobs that utilize RECV370 to expand embedded installation libraries. This omission was simply an oversight on my part, since I have MS00100 User Modification installed on my system, which allows the inclusion of SYSC.LINKLIB in the Link List libraries. If your system also has MS00100 installed, or you are running on a system where RECV370 is installed in a library in the Link List, these two additional statements are not required.
2022 March 2 Verify Load Module
Calculate CRC32
Added a program to verify that a load module is available (and return the library from which it can be loaded) and a program to calculate the CRC32 sum for MVS datasets to the miscellaneous programs page.
2022 February 14 MVS Optional Materials (MVS source) Created a cross reference listing of the names of members contained in the twenty-one partitioned datasets included in the MVS Optional Materials tapes.
2022 February 6 MVS Utilities


Added MINIZIP and MINIUNZ to SYSCPK and to the MVS Utilities documentation.  I have been looking at this for a while and will eventually be using it to compress some of the source libraries on SYSCPK to conserve and better use the DASD capacity.
2022 January 25 CBT: IEHMAP




Updated IEHMAP MAPDEV module to increase the number of data cylinders for 3380 DASD to 26,550 (3380-E).

Added SHOWDSCB program and jobstream.

Added PRINTALL program and jobstream.

Updated SYSCPK with the changes above.

2022 January 21 DSAT Added TSO command DSAT, which displays information about selected datasets.
2022 January 18 ALIST Corrected looping when a VSAM dataset is allocated to the TSO session.
2022 January 15 MVS Utilities Complete rewrite of utilities page, updating from the original 10 OS/MVT centric utilities to 44 utilities, including both IBM supplied utilities and many utilities commonly used on MVS 3.8 running under Hercules.
2022 January 13 SYSCPK Added several utilities, updated versions of two utilities, corrected name of one utility, expanded CBT source library and SYSC.LINKLIB, copied volume making allocated datasets contiguous.
2021 December 29 MVT COBOL Y2K patch


Patched the MVT COBOL compiler to allow proper date in heading, regardless of system date setting in 1900+ or 2000+, and also corrected missing space before comma preceding four digit year.  Load module in SYSC.LINKLIB of SYSCPK has been updated, but a jobstream is also provided if you have the MVT COBOL compiler installed independently on your system (you will need to edit the JCL to change the target AMAZPZAP uses).
2021 December 23 ISAM/VSAM COBOL Programs Added a page with solutions comparing/contrasting MVT COBOL programs utilizing indexed datasets from native ISAM, VSAM accessed via the ISAM/VSAM Interface Program, and VSAM.
2021 December 12 REXX scripts Updated GETVTOC script to eliminate RXDYNAMA calls, which seem to be broken in V2R5M0 BREXX/370.
2021 November 28 NOTIFY usermod Added Brian Westerman user modification to add maximum completion code to NOTIFY= message for jobs submitted under TSO.
2021 November 19 SYSCPK


Applied ZAP to ALGOL (ref Tom Armstrong message in Turnkey message group 2021/10/03 mesage #1486), plus a couple of changes to SYSC.PROCLIB members.
2021 November 13 CBT LISTSPC command Updated installation jobstream for LISTSPC command from CBT (file #50 from version 129).
2021 November 7 Install RPF V1R9M0 Added instructions for retrieving and installing RPF V1R9M0, which now installs from XMIT archives.
2021 November 6 UCB Scan routine Added UCB Scan routine (from H390-MVS archive) to miscellaneous programs page.
2021 October 31 Apply Patch BREXX370  Added guide to apply patch to BREXX370 V2R5M0 (issued 22 October 2021).
2021 October 10 Install BREXX370 Update BREXX370 installation instructions for new release [V2R5M0].
2021 September 30 mvsInstallationResources.tar.gz


Corrected error in usermods6 jobstream - ZP60039 & ZP60040 - Phil Young alerted me to the fact that there was a missing slash in STEP18 step card that caused the step to not execute, resulting in these two modifications being received, assembled, and checked, but not applied.  I have corrected the jobstream in the archives, ran through the entire MVS 3.8j process again to verify, updated the original web pages where necessary, and created a new page with a short job that may be used to quickly and easily apply the two modifications. It is not necessary to regenerate your system to apply these modifications.
COBOL version AWS utilities GnuCOBOL compiler version 3.2 corrected an error that previously allowed a subprogram in these two utilities to compile, but after the compiler was updated the subprogram required a change to be compatible.  In order to compile these two utilities under GnuCOBOL compiler version 3.2 or later, you need to download the updated COBOL source code.
2021 June 15 SYSCPK Added SPITBOL/370 load library, procedure, and demo jobstream; corrected errors in SIMULA procedures, added SIMULA demo jobstream.  Thanks to Jay Jaeger for pointing out the errors.
2021 April 21 CBT VTOC command
Updated installation jobstream for VTOC command from CBT (file #112 from version 129).
2021 April 13 mvsInstallationResources.tar.gz


Corrected a typographical error in a comment in the SMP4P44 jobstream and updated the netcat utility in the Windows resources to ncat.exe (from nc.exe) and changed the Windows batch script and Linux bash script that utilize netcat to use ncat rather than nc to resolve problems with large card image files.
2021 March 16 Install BREXX370 Update BREXX370 installation instructions for new release [V2R4M0].
2020 December 31 ISAM Interface Program Added example of using the ISAM/VSAM Interface on MVS 3.8j
2020 December 23 Install KICKS Added new page for KICKS (CICS-like transaction processing).
2020 December 4 REXX scripts Added new page of REXX scripts for MVS 3.8j.  It is my intention to add more scripts here over time.
2020 November 29 Install BREXX370 Update BREXX370 installation instructions for new release [V2R3M0].
2020 November 20 COBOL IBM Manuals
Added links to COBOL and Linkage Editor manuals and a summary table of DD Names required for COBOl compiler, Linkage Editor, Loader, and COBOL program execution.
2020 November 17 SYSCPK Replaced GCCMVS catalogued procedures in SYSC.PROCLIB with corrected versions from Marco Verpelli and also added MiniScheme (LISP) contributed by him that uses GCCMVS to build.
2020 November 16 New Stanford PASCAL Added Bernd Oppolzer's New Stanford PASCAL compiler to the available compilers page.  From headings produced by the compiler, this is version 2020.12.
2020 September 29 Install BREXX370 Updated the links to main page and archive for BREXX/370.
2020 September 27 SYSCPK
Replaced SYSCPK and GCCMVS archives - a huge thanks to Marco Verpelli for his suggestion to replace PDPCLIB.MACLIB(PDPTOP) member with the proper contents for MVS370.  As I do not use GCCMVS I was not aware that this simple change was all that was necessary to handle the generated assembler AMODE/RMODE statements.  I made the change as Marco suggested and backed out my solution at the JCL level.  The assembly step for the generated assembler now receives a 0000 code as expected.
2020 September 26 SYSCPK
Replaced GCCMVS libraries with version 3.2.3 as Paul Edwards advises that the 3.4.6 version is no longer supported and 3.2.3 supercedes 3.4.6.
2020 September 20 compilers/Pascal8000 Updated Pascal8000 page to add copy of original archive that was posted to H390-MVS years ago.
2020 September 18 mvsInstallationResources.tar.gz
Updated JES2 parameters in MVS installation jobstream SYSGEN02: NUMJOES=1024 and NUMDA=2.
2020 September 17 JES2 Queue Management Added a page discussing JES2 queue, JES2 parameters, and how to resolve, or better yet prevent, a full queue event.
2020 September 14 SYSCPK Update to add Greg Price' IMON source and load.  Note that you will need to run Greg's install job - modified to reflect installation from the load modules on SYSCPK - to copy the load modules into SYS2.CMDLIB before you can execute IMON.
2020 September 13 IEFU29 Exit Updated content on this page, which originated almost two decades ago, to bring it in (sort of) compliance with my recent revisions to the instructions/tutorial for installing MVS 3.8j.  When this page was written, there was nothing resembling the instructions for installing MVS 3.8j.
2020 September 10 Installing MVS 3.8j Made a number of edits for clarity and to correct typographical errors in text.  A big "Thank you," to Nic in Great Britain for the detailed feedback.
2020 September 5 Installing MVS 3.8j Updated the instructions/tutorial with a mini-revision, which adds in user mods that I abandoned in the April revision because I was running into too many problems with pre-requisites.  
2020 August 31 Dynamic Proclib usermod Corrected error in DDname in JES2 procedure for Dynamic Proclib. 
2020 August 29 IEFACTRT Updated source for IEFACTRT exit.  My apologies - error in calculating WTO buffer length in original release would cause MVC for step end message to overwrite MCS flags, which would result in random modification of message highlighting on console.
2020 August 21 IEFACTRT Added a new IEFACTRT exit.
2020 August 13 SYSCPK Added a warning for anyone using my job to integrate SYSCPK into a system with a security package installed.
2020 July 29 IEFACTRT Added jobstream for TESTEXIT, IBM supplied program to test IEFACTRT (and other) system exits.
2020 July 26 SYSCPK Added new version of REVLMOD, Paul Scott utilities, and GCCMVS -- please read GCC.DOC($SYSCPK) after adding SYSCPK to your system (you will need to specify the VOLSER to open GCC.DOC to read it, as it will not initially be catalogued)
MVS FAQ Added procedures to create and delete TSO User ID
2020 July 24 GCCMVS Added a simplified installation tape/JCL for GCCMVS from CBT Tape site.
2020 July 23 COBOL version AWS utilities Updated AWS utility programs maketape and tapedump with new versions written in COBOL
2020 July 15 MVS FAQ Made a number of updates to Frequently Asked Questions pages and corrected some inactive external links in other pages throughout the site
2020 July 13 Install BREXX370 Added a guide to installing BREXX370
2020 July 10 xmit_recv Added material to XMIT/RECV documentation
2020 July 9 IND$FILE Added a page on how to use IND$FILE
2020 July 8 SYSCPK Updated to revise copybooks for VSAMIO and addition of EPUTL/APUT
Updated pages to note corrected error in copybooks and output for all example jobs, adding DMAP to all COBOL programs
2020 June 18 SYSCPK Updated to add latest version of Jim Morrison's RECV370/XMIT370
2020 June 14 TSO Tutorial Updated screen captures and corrected some narrative for the TSO tutorial (written in 2004, so long due for some updating)
CBT TSO commands Added a page documenting CBT TSO commands which have installation jobstreams on SYSCPK
SYSCPK Updated to add several new members to SYSC.CBT.SOURCE and SYSC.JCLLIB
2020 June 7 User Modifications Note added to MS00100 (concatenated LNKLST load library) breaks SMP jobs requiring link to assembler unless JOBLIB DD card included
2020 June 3 Customize MVS 3.8j Created a TSO in batch job to integrate the REVIEW user profile into the TSO logon
2020 June 3 Getting Started Replaced OS360/MVT CD-ROM download
2020 June 3 Installing MVS 3.8j Updated installation jobstream (sysgen05.jcl) with new Network Solicitor logon screen
2020 June 2 new NETSOL Added jobstream to install new Network Solicitor logon screen
2020 May 28 User Modifications Added Brian Westerman's Dynamic Proclib modification
2020 May 27 older CBT Added CBT version #310 from 11/14/1989
2020 May 26 MVS Optional Materials Added scanned manifest of the MVS optional materials
2020 May 25 SYSCPK Added many TSO commands from CBT
2020 May 24 added Goddard tape Added the NASA Goddard tape to the older CBT collections
2020 May 21 User Modifications Added a page to collect modifications to MVS 3.8j
2020 May 15 SYSCPK Updated SYSCPK to consolidate CBT program source into central dataset; added many more CBT programs (both source and ready to run in SYSC.LINKLIB.
2020 May 15 VSAM I/O COBOL
Updated these pages to conform to latest revision of MVS 3.8j installation instructions/tutorial.  The datasets no longer need to be installed as they are contained on 
SYSCPK.  All test/example programs have been revised to use the VSAM data space that results from the revised MVS 3.8j installation.  I also added SYSOUT listings
for all the test/example programs to give a reference for expected output.
2020 May 12 backup & restore Added documentation for backing up and restoring datasets under MVS 3.8j
2020 May 11 adding DASD volumes Updated narrative on adding new DASD volumes to Hercules/MVS 3.8j
2020 May 09 IBHLSPAC List all free space for online DASD
2020 May 06 Installing MVS 3.8j Complete revision of this process, including narrative, scripts, jobstreams, usermods, and versions of software
Cleared change history to retain only past two years information
2020 Apr 13 older CBT Added SHARE JES2 Mods tape #84, 12/14/1987
2020 Apr 10 MVS FAQ How to correct failure of socket devices when running Hercules 3.13 on Linux platform
2020 Apr 10 older CBT Fixed missing closing parenthesis in import jobstreams for CBT072, CBT103, CBT129, CBT188, CBT226, CBT278, CBT341, COV466, SMMT80, and SPLA00 DASD volumes.
2020 Apr 06 SYS1.APVTMACS Added SYS1.APVTMACS macro library installation jobstream.
2020 Apr 05 MVS Optional Materials Added MVS 3.8 Optional Materials tape contents.
2020 Mar 30 Removed references to now defunct Yahoo Groups and, where available, substituted sources on my site
2019 Sep 26 MVT COBOL Patch for XREF Abend of MVT COBOL
2019 Aug 01 SYSCPK Corrected Import jobstream: indent IDCAMS commands 2 spaces out of column 1 and emphasize need to determine correct DASD address for 3350 on target system.
2019 Jul 29 SYSCPK Update Ed Liss BASIC interpreter to V 3.1.0
2019 Jul 29 compilers/BASIC360 Update Ed Liss BASIC interpreter to V 3.1.0
2019 Jul 15 MVS FAQ Replace NET PROCedure to eliminate orphaned dataset when VTAM is not properly shut down


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